October 24, 2018

In a continuation of the farewells and good wishes, the office threw me an office surprise party! It was so amazing to hear so many wishing me best wishes with the new job. I feel so grateful to have met so many great people in the last three years. They have all helped me grow into a better employee, friend and colleague. They all made work much more enjoyable. There was not ever a day where I didn’t want to NOT go into work–and I know how rare that can be! I will always remember my time at this office. They made it unbelievably memorable.

On another note, ever since my diagnosis back in June of this year, I was so scared to get back into fitness…especially after I experienced pseudo-symptoms again. Despite the dear and anxiety of getting back into fitness, I was itching to exercise again. I missed kickboxing the most. I fell in love with it when I first attempted it and was immediately hooked (pardon the pun). With some courage, I attended a kickboxing class with Big Hit tonight; Nat and I decided to try the smart box class first to practice our technique. All day I was so nervous thinking about whether I was going to be able to get through the entire class, or if I was going to remember the techniques we had picked up from two years ago. But once we started hitting Bob the dummy, it was as if my body began to remember the pivoting in the back foot, the twisting of the core to extend the jab and the importance of keeping the hands by the face.

Me showing up to this class tonight is a huge deal to me. I faced my fear of failure and proved to myself that I am strong with or without MS. I had been so terrified of showing weakness because I couldn’t keep up. I have this version of myself, in my head, the “me” that was two years old who was able to kickbox for two hours and feel amazing. I have been living with this irrational fear that I would let the old me down. But I didn’t let myself down. I rose to the occasion and kicked ass.

And with that….goodnight!!!


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