October 21, 2018

Sometimes change happens so quickly in life that it’s hard for me to really process things thoroughly. In the past month, I have felt myself change in such a rollercoaster kind of way: from high stress, anxiety and emotions to a slow plateau of emotions and back down to feeling confident and mature. Nearing the end of the month that my dad was on vacation, I felt like I was able to juggle it all without feeling too overwhelmed. And that feeling of knowing I was nailing the adult life? I’m not going to lie, it’s wicked! I think  a big part of it was being able to step back and watch my anxiety play itself out without getting consumed by it all. I allowed myself to feel the panic, exhaustion and doubt…and then just do what I need to do to accomplish the tangible tasks.

I’ve also been extremely excited to start my new job. This new job is an opportunity for me to grow a meaningful career, placing me in the centre of our city’s problems of poverty, housing and women’s rights. As news of my imminent departure is traveling around the office, the management team threw me a little surprise party! It was so touching to know that they appreciate all the work I’ve put into the day to day.

The management team’s creation–so cute.

On similar (professional) note, we hosted our first Shelter Movers AGM. It turned out to be a success despite the stressful rush (to have our Annual Report put together). Our venue was located on the 27th floor which resulted in a beautiful city morning view (see below).

Our morning view at the Shelter Mover’s Annual General Meeting.


Today (Oct 21), we went to see Ida for the first time. She is two months old and is such a cutie. Our family of 30-something gathered to have dim sum and fawn over the newest addition to our family. I am so blessed to have such a close family who is supportive and fun. I love our family gatherings despite how nutty it can get.

Ida is saying hi to the world.

Unfortunately, I’ve been getting frequent headaches again and they’ve been rather debilitating. After our family dim sum, I felt so drained that when I got back home, I passed out for three hours and woke up to… this:

What I saw as soon as I opened my eyes from my nap.

My MS has mostly been showing through as fatigue, anxiety and lately, frequent headaches but I am still doing all I can do live my best life. Today, I am giving gratitude to new beginnings, self-forgiveness and the simple things in life.



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