September 24, 2019

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday.

Late summer to early fall has been a significant time period in the last few years of my life. Last year was my official diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. This year has been landing the job that changes me entire career path: I am entering the second half of my training period before I begin my job at the other office. I am shaking with both nervousness and excitement as they prepare us to enter a sector that requires maximum effort in helping others live their best lives. I couldn’t have asked for a better early birthday gift as I inch towards my thirties.

In the last year, I have matured while learning to embrace the inner playfulness I bury deep within. I always thought no one would take me seriously if I joked and teased but I was wrong! I have learned to let my personality play out naturally, and allow my maturity to show in the way I handle social situations and personal problems. I am learning to allow myself the best of both worlds; let laughter dictate the day, and have my love for life melt the stress away. I am learning to let go of things that do not serve a purpose in my life and act with intention.

There isn’t much more I want to say. Just that I am proud of the woman I am becoming. I have messily waded my way through my early twenties and have come out on the other side with significant scars. But I carry these scars as reminders of what I had overcome. And soon, I will be entering my thirties with as much pride and grace as I can. Despite ongoing challenges, I have more faith and greater love for the life I live.


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