May 23, 2019

Soft glances at you, as you nervously stare back into my eyes. You were hesitant to have your bowl taken away because you didn’t want to make it awkward for me to eat alone (you were considerate), so that you did not just stare at me.  You jokingly said you did not want to sound creepy because you did enjoy looking at me.  I laughed.

We walked out into the warmth of the sun. It was such a beautiful evening and we decided to walk.  We walked side by side. We were close to City Hall when he placed his arm around me—for a split second. We continued walking when we reached the stairs leading up to the green rooftop of City Hall. We hung along the railing, looked out into the open area down below. We kept our distance. I think we were both shy. We sat on a bench and laughed. After some time, we decided to walk to our next unknown destination. Along the way, you let me know little urban planning tidbits, pointing out buildings and statues.

We reached Sin & Redemption where we sat by the window and watched the world go by.  You offered your beer for me to try. I took a small sip. We sat in silence. I learned about all your life, passions and it was fascinating. You love your life. I can tell. It’s inspiring. Past the natural nervousness, I felt relaxed and full of life. You told me I was funny. You told me I looked cute when I was tired. 

It was chilly by the time we left. It was a crisp evening and we slowly walked to the subway station. As we walked, we were looking up at the sky. It was pitch black and we could barely see the stars. We stopped to look at the three stars we could see. As we admired them, I felt you come closer behind me. I slowly turned and you kissed me ever so gently. It had felt so long since I’ve felt such an innocence to a kiss. Something that felt like we had to handle with care. He placed his arm around me as we continued to walk. It’s as if we’ve done this forever.

On the subway platform, we quietly waited for the train. You came closer and suddenly kissed me on the forehead. I leaned on your chest for a little as you placed your chin on my head. I felt safe. I felt admired. It was a feeling I had longed for. My heart had been stretched in so many directions the past few months. But tonight, I felt free and my heart was protected.

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