October 12, 2018

I feel like I have reached such a strange and beautiful chapter in my life. Recently turned 28, I am feeling like I’m coming to a realization of multiple life lessons: hard work pays off in every aspect of your life, love is powerful and a gift, and all you see in life is a reflection of how you see yourself.

It was nearly 11 years ago when my mum was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Family suddenly closely intertwined with responsibilities and obligations. My young adulthood was defined by when I should be home to help out my dad, learn how to use medical needles to inject her medication into rotating body areas and giving large amounts of time to family and their needs. This isn’t to say I didn’t want to, or that I was forced to. However, there were times I resented being the responsible one because I never left too far from home. And when my sister was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and anorexia all around the same time, something in me told me that I had to grow up fast and stay strong no matter what. I experienced the grief and sadness when my sister was admitted into the psychiatric ward. Needless to say, mental health became very real. Today, I sit here exhausted and worn down but I could not be more grateful for every hardship up to this point. Without these experiences, my heart would not have expanded with sympathy and compassion. There is no doubt that I suffer from my own emotional battles but ultimately, I am giving it all my best to stay hopeful and open.

Today, I am on my way to find the best career path for myself because I never gave up.
Today, I am placing gratitude in perseverance and courage.
Today, I am gathering the courage to fight my disease with grace and love.

(some of my favourite things)


P.S. Happy birthday Erica. You left us too early, but you’ll always remain in my heart as deep motivation to always remember that life is too precious to give away.

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