(Canadian) Thanksgiving Day

This year’s Thanksgiving is rather different from the last 27 years of thanksgivings I have “celebrated”. With my dad out of the country, we managed to take my mum out of the short-term home to join us for a small thanksgiving dinner with just my two cousins and their families. (Typically, we would all have a huge turkey dinner spread with 30+ people together in one home.)

Despite a much smaller crowd, I am grateful for life and all it has to offer. I am grateful for the roof that hangs over my head, and how I can call it home; the ability to choose healthy foods over fast food, select different clothes to follow the latest trend and have the convenience to look up anything on my phone in a matter of seconds. I am thankful to have a solid support system as they guide me through darker times and celebrate in the lighter times. I wake up to a job in which I love and a volunteer position in which I know makes a difference.

That being said, I could go on with all that I am thankful for. However, I am anything but ignorant to the political and social issues that exist within our system. They are issues that perpetuate violence, poverty and oppression. But,to be aware and to create small changes is important. I am grateful to have capacity to be a change agent in my own community, and allow those changes to extend outwards…like a water ripple.

Today, I am thankful for the experiences and knowledge that I have.


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