October 7, 2018

Today was a little bit easier. But perhaps it is because I volunteered to be on a move with Shelter Movers this morning. I forgot how enjoyable it can be to physically move things with other strangers. It allowed me to take my mind off of my everyday and allowed that mental break I desperately needed.

Why does it feel like I am so alone in my struggles with this whole situation? When I try to describe why I’m tired, their questions make it sound like it shouldn’t be so stressful or hard on me. That I could be doing so much more. But I can’t. I’ve been living on adrenaline these days. And I’m beginning to feel myself burning out.

I have a thousand and one things to be grateful for but there are days that all I can feel are the heavier things that weigh me down. Today is one of those days.

Tomorrow will be a new day.




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