October 2, 2018

Despite having an emotionally challenging birthday this year, it turns out that it was worth the perseverance. My late birthday present turns out to be a promotion!!!

I received the call this morning and my heart skipped a beat when HR told me that I got the job as a Caseworker. I’ll be helping those requesting shelter beds within the city; case managing each client that calls and creating a short-term service plan for those in need. I was in tears because I felt like I worked so hard and endured so much to get to this next step in my career. I know moving forward, it will be harder, especially knowing this job requires shift work. However, I don’t want my diagnosis to prevent me from doing something I know I will excel in. Speaking of not letting MS get in the way…I attended a friend’s engagement party this past weekend. This is probably one of the first significant gatherings that I have attended since my diagnosis. It was such a beautiful event and I felt so confident and beautiful in my own skin. I felt healthy and normal–something I haven’t felt in a long while.

I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter! This goes to show that following your heart and believing in what you love is so important.


Also, can we just admire this beautiful photo of deliciousness?! Nicole and I went on a lovely lunch date. Sorelle and Co. definitely is easy on the eyes.


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