September 22, 2018

I’ve decided that sleeping in isn’t something I enjoy doing. So I have decided to set an alarm for weekends so I can enjoy the morning air whilst walking Mischa. He’s growing up to be such a kind, playful rascal and I couldn’t love him more for his unconditional love. Additionally, mornings have always been such a quiet and beautiful time for me. It’s time for me to organize my day, prioritize and make lists. Ensuring I make it a productive morning usually sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Today had its high ups and low downs; my cousins treated me for lunch today at this delicious authentic Korean restaurant called Makkal Chon. It was SO SCRUMPTIOUS!!! Just look at all the colours!! (And I only captured the starting dishes of what we ordered.)


I felt so happy during this meal. There’s something about gathering around a delicious meal with the ones you love. You can share the different dishes and the emotions invoked by the flavours of each dish. Conversations at the table tend to be a combination of deep, complex or light and humourous. Eating together is such an overlooked gift of life.

Unfortunately, I had a scare this evening (just before my dad left for Hong Kong!!). I was almost done my dinner when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right jaw. It was so painful that I began to cry. It radiated upwards towards my temple and it came in waves. These bouts of excruciating pain lasted for about 15-20 minutes. It was so awful. But that’s when I recalled a strange MS symptom, transgeminal neuralgia (TN).  I had experienced sharp and painful migraines before which was when doctors suspected it could have been TN but they weren’t certain (like anything MS-related). 1000mg of extra-strength Tylenol and 2 hours later, I’m feeling some relief.

I am now wiped from the TN pain. It took all the strength out of me to endure the pain and ensure my dad that I was fine (and that he didn’t need to cancel his flight!!!). I hope tomorrow is a day without the pain.


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