September 16, 2018

Today is Sunday. And for some particular reason, there’s something special about it. Maybe because it’s mid-September and it’s currently 26C (but feeling like 34C!!!), or that it’s sunny and we are heading into my favourite season. Regardless, today is feeling like a good day. I had an early morning breakfast at KOST, on the 44th floor of a hotel building with an infinity pool and the most breathtaking view ever. With a slight breeze and kind company, I was reminded of how much good I have in my life to be able to enjoy such luxurious things.


The last week, I’ve had one of the worst colds I can recall experiencing–my first cold since I was diagnosed with MS. And boy, did it come at a bad time. Immediately after I ran the 5KM, I came down with a wicked cold that came fast and furious! I had to leave work early because I was so exhausted and my left side of my body felt so lob-sided, I felt all off. With the cold came this insistent nausea that continues to make an appearance multiple times of the day. I slept most of the afternoon for two days and also had to endure a job interview so lots has happened this week.  Despite the pseudo-exasperated symptoms and a stubborn cold, I am feeling optimistic about the upcoming months. Have you ever felt like something about your life will be re-sparked?


I have a cool dawg.

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