September 9, 2018

It’s 11:28PM and I cannot fall (and stay) asleep. Despite having to wake up at 6AM and run a 5km race with a cold I still cannot fall asleep. Physically, I am exhausted and with this cold, I should be fast asleep so I can be well rested for tomorrow…but the restlessness in my left arm has not stopped.  Regardless, today was such a good day!! I ran the Yorkville 5KM which was a run to fundraise for local charities. Shelter Movers was one of the charities to take part this year and was it ever fun! I used to run over 5KM without any problems but I knew this was going to be the most important 5 km that I’ve ever ran.

Ever since I started experiencing MS symptoms back in the spring of 2017, I had stopped vigourously exercising. This summer made it incredibly hard to train due to pseudo-symptoms in the spring, early summer and the humidity that stuck around all summer. Despite these bumps in the road, I was determined to run the entirety of the race without stopping. And I did it!! I ran it in 32 minutes and I never once stopped to walk. It was important for me to run the whole race because I felt I needed to prove to myself that just because I have MS doesn’t mean I should stop doing the things I love. Yes, I have to be more aware of when I can push myself, and when I have to rest. But I needed the kick in the butt to remind me that I am unstoppable if I put my mind to it. And that I did!!


This wonderful group raised over $10,000 for Shelter Movers. This means we can help one family per week for an entire year. How amazing is that?! I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this fantastic group.


This constant heaviness in my left arm at night is extremely frustrating as it makes it so hard for me to fall asleep. I’ve tried meditation, stretching…ignoring it, but nothing is helping. Apparently, not even physical exhaustion can help to let me sleep it off. One new symptom that has come up tonight is the sudden nausea that I’ve been feeling. It woke me up! I really hope this goes away soon… I would just like to sleep soundly again.


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