September 3, 2018

My headaches have begun to come back again…I initially believed it was due to the fluorescent lights at my workstation. To mitigate this, I’ve been trying to move desks and use a laptop until the lighting situation is fixed. Unfortunately, I’ve been informed that it is not an easy fix and the issue has been escalated to the contractors of the building.

As I try to find a way to balance the symptoms and my life, I’ve been experiencing some feelings of sadness, disappointment, guilt and frustration.  Every so often, I would like to have a fun evening out but when the fatigue and sensitivity to the environment interferes, it causes me to feel distressed. It’s unfortunate because all I want to do is forget about the disease and move forward. I want to hold onto glasses and objects without the fear of people seeing the subtle shaky hands. I want to hang out and not worry about my symptoms creeping up on me and leave me looking disengaged (when I’m actually battling brain fog).  Except I’m not there yet.

The fireworks at the Port Elgin Main Beach. They put on a show for Labour Day. It was spectacular!

I will keep my chin up.
I will stand tall with every ounce of strength I have.
I will be kind and stay thankful.

Reminders to self.



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