August 14, 2018

I’ve been at home for a week now and reality is slowly sinking in as I adjust to living with my family again. With all my family members suffering emotionally in one way or another, their bond is tied by obligation, guilt and fear. I am reminded of how hard it is to survive and march on with love and respect when you are trapped in an emotional bind. There is no blame. Caregivers will burn out without proper support; ones who suffer from any mental illness will rise and fall and those who are bystanders will feel helpless and alone. You add time to it all and you get chronic stress for everyone involved.

I’m realizing the negative energy that sits within the home continues to get to me. However, I know I am only responsible for what I can change. I am accountable for my own well being and happiness. With this as my guiding force, I will contribute to the family as need be.


L, E & M
Family bubble tea time!
The exercise vein has made its reappearance!!

Despite so much heaviness going on, I will continue to keep my chin up and march on with compassion and peace. There’s really no other way. Luckily, family time helps to remind me that there is togetherness in the cousins. It’s symbolic of our support for each other.

So no matter who is in your tribe, keep them close. Community is key.



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