August 3 – 5, 2018

Time here has been wonderful. It’s been really pleasant despite the heat and bad reactions to bug bites…lol

We took a boat ride out to the Talon Chutes where we hiked and it opened up to this beautiful lake. It was absolutely breathtaking; people could jump off cliffs into the lake and the water was so pure and refreshing.

We helped tow 3 kids on our way to the chutes. They asked and it was cute.


Taking a break in a little hole.


However, the downfall is that the heat has hit me hard today. I’m opting to stay behind as the group goes out for a tubing adventure. I won’t deny and say it’s easy to say no. Defining personal boundaries is a new thing for me and it’s affecting me emotionally. I can say I almost despise it! BUT!! I need to allow myself to slowly accept this new reality and stay positive. After all, I am doing what is best for me. I am learning to respect my new boundaries and take it slow when my body tells me to. It’s a very hard lesson and I’ve got my ups and downs but I’ll continue to respect the bad days as much as the good days.


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