July 9, 2018

The small things.

Though the humidity and heat has been affecting me more these days, I’ve been trying to keep myself in check and take it easy. I’m putting in effort to respect what my body needs (such as more naps!) and allowing myself to put things off for a later time–or date. Instead, I’m celebrating the little things these last couple days. I think I have a long way to go with processing my new lifestyle, but I will continue to hope that acceptance and happiness will work in combination with my drug treatment to keep me healthy.

So here I continue to bask in the little things that keep me smiling and appreciative of the life that I live.

  1. The view from my friend’s new condominium: celebrated a new chapter in his life with a little housewarming with the aquatics folks.
  2. I love watching Blue become filled with curiosity and playfulness.
  3. Sometimes new purchases make me smile. Especially cute, fun Birkenstocks that I would never normally purchase!
  4. The cutest matcha green latte I have ever seen! Spending quality time with close girlfriends is a must; friendships are so important and I am blessed to have such a good support system.
  5. Watching Mischa play outside is one of my greatest joys.
  6. Watching my plants grow and thrive is such a beautiful thing.
  7. Exercising is a crucial thing for my physical and mental state (even though pets become a barrier at times).


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