June 6, 2018

After a near full year of waiting, I finally had my follow up appointment at St. Michael’s MS Clinic. The good news was that my scans showed very little progress in demyelination. The somewhat abnormal news is that I’ll start a treatment plan to help with Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS). I’ll begin treatment using Augabio once I come back from vacation.

I’m still trying to process the news as I try to get ready for my family trip. In the time that I was waiting for the diagnosis, I was imagining a drastic lifestyle change. Instead, it’s to maintain my normal diet and everyday activities while mentally anticipating another attack sometime in the future. The unknown will stay unknown until it hits my body hard.  It’s actually a bit frustrating as I try to come up with a lifestyle plan. However, the best advice that has been given to me was to really respect when your body begins to show symptoms. If you can accept that saying “no” is sometimes the answer to ensuring you stay within your physical boundaries, then that’s already half the battle.

A colleague of mine had confided to me his own battle with MS for the last five years. It’s really helped me cope. I am thankful that I have grown closer to him and has proven to me that we meet specific people for very specific reasons.

I’ll be off on vacation soon which is almost perfect timing as it may help me process things without the everyday distractions. I’m both nervous and excited to go on an adventure in a foreign place.

So let us begin this long journey; this is now my battle with MS.


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