April 24, 2018


On April 23, 2018, a 25 year old man drove a rental van down a busy street. He hit one of my friend’s family members. It made me reflect on how precious life truly is; we can’t predict it nor can we truly control the external environment. What’s ours is ours, and what isn’t ours will never be ours.

I’m blessed. I have surrounded myself with the best people for me. There are small joys in life and I consider flowers to be one of them. But when your best friend, your man and your co-workers surprise you with flowers?! Well…I’m just darn lucky.

These flowers came at a beautiful time as I was feeling rather bogged down and drained with all the stressors that were happening around me. As an empath, I was feeling drained from caring, feeling and loving. And yet, I tried to keep going.

And after a long and busy day at work, I really felt it. But luckily I have the beautiful people by my side to keep me going.

I am so grateful.



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