April 16, 2018

I am lucky to have found kindred spirits in individuals at work. They have become more than colleagues, but friends. This Sunday we braved the ice storm and met up for brunch at a Toronto restaurant downtown. I admit, it was quite a change to go for brunch with friends I didn’t know entirely too well. Regardless, there is something so light and airy with our friendship that it’s refreshing.


On another note: the man left for his trip to Vietnam. This trip had caused a lot of tension as I have never dealt with goodbyes well but he’s gone now. For over a year, we rarely went a day without talking on the phone; for a year, we had never skipped a day without messaging or emailing daily. And now, he’ll be quite unavailable for three weeks. I know these three weeks will go by quickly, but missing someone tends to change the perception of time. I’ll continue to go about my day and he’ll be creating memories with his brother. And we’ll try our best to stay in contact. But I know that these three weeks will allow me to miss him so much more.¬† That said, I was riding the subway home when I started recalling random things about him: the freckles on his shoulders and back, the arches of his feet, the shape of his nose and the colour of his grey-streaked hair; the way he says “Jesus”, his loud hearty laugh, the colour of his honey brown eyes when he stares at me, and the touch of his fingers when he tucks a strand of my hair behind my (left) ear. I smiled like a goof all the way home.


(Being apart allows us to miss each other.)


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