April 7, 2018

Hello world,

It continues to fascinate me when time can pass by in the blink of an eye. I found myself discouraged with blogging and documenting my life because events unfolded consecutively (and sometimes simultaneously) which gave me every reason to stop writing.

However, I’m back. And I’m hoping to blog more frequently to help me understand myself a bit more. I guess it’s along the same lines of self-discovery…

The last little while has been a bit rough; I found myself in a constant state between a panic attack and melancholic. I had no real reason to, but I felt like I was losing a critical part of my spirit. I’m still trying to recover by allowing myself to fully immerse myself in the day to day.

Take for example, today: I met up with one of my best friends and caught up. Her move outside of the city really saddened me initially because we had lived 10 minutes away for 15 years. However, I’ve come to enjoy the rare moments in which we can meet up and connect vis-à-vis. Afterwards, I met up with another friend and we took our puppies to an offleash dog park. There was something incredible about watching your loved pets roam freely, allowing them to run and play with all the other dogs. There was a sparkle in Mischa’s eyes as he panted happily, tail wagging. Witnessing his own ability to be free unlocked this knot in my own heart.



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