July 27, 2017

After some time, my tests have shown that I have lesions in my brain. So now, I’m lined up for a few more appointments and a referral to one of North America’s best Multiple Sclerosis clinics. When my neurologist first showed me the MRI scans, my heart fluttered as he muttered a combination of words that involved “lesions”, “alarmingly close to the ventricles”, “specialists”, “multiple sclerosis”.

I’ve had a few weeks to process the possibility of being diagnosed with an incurable illness. While it has taken me for an emotional rollercoaster, I am trying to stay grounded and remember that I have not been diagnosed yet and it could be a false alarm. It’s working. I have bouts of fear, stress and anxiety but I know that my family will be right by my side, every step of the way.



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