June 1, 2017

I cannot believe it’s June!! My, how time flies when you’re keeping busy!

Unfortunately, I caught another bad cold and it’s kept me at home for a few days (again). As a result, I’ve been browsing Pinterest: dreaming, creating and falling in love with the endless number of photos.

Pinterest is both my friend and my enemy; the visual person in me loves all the beautiful photos of people, things, places and words. However, after an hour of scrolling, I begin to feel sad because I’ve found myself lost in all the “prettiness” of it and I feel like there will never come a time where I will be able to experience or obtain any of the things or moments that pop up on my screen.

How ridiculously easy is it to lose perspective and yourself in social media? With social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, it takes a conscious effort to stay grounded and remind myself to be eternally grateful for all that I have right now–in this moment. I’m thankful for a supportive and loving family, friends with golden hearts and a wealth of experiences and love that continues to blow my freaking mind (and melts my heart!). So while it’s inevitable that I’ll get caught up in the shiny, new things, I know I will always come back to my heart.

How do you stay grounded when you’re tempted by those pretty & shiny things?



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