May 31, 2017

My apologies for the lack of posts the last couple of days. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Florida for a small little getaway! I traveled with the man to meet his papa down South. Talk about things happening for a reason: apparently it was raining for days prior to our trip down. But during our entire trip, it was clear blue skies and highs of 35 degrees Celsius. The Universe was calling on us!

Playalinda Beach
The man enjoying the view.

Luckily, the doctor cleared me beforehand so I was able to make this trip. The sun melted my stress away and for the first time in a while, I felt completely worry-free. It helped that the man and his papa were so approachable and loving (and I’m sure the vodka, sangria, mimosa and wine helped too!!)  I am so grateful for the ability and opportunity to be able to travel with someone I love.


Having too much fun alone in a pool.
Father and son.


After a long day at the beach,  Trish needs a nap.

As for my condition: the dizziness has disappeared but I still feel occasional fatigue and the facial numbness persists. My neurologist appointment is on Fri. June 2nd so I’m excited (and nervous) to see what they say. My MRI appointment will be in JULY! Hopefully by then, my symptoms will have lessen and I’ll be back to my usual self.

In many ways, I’m grateful that I’ve experience this health scare now because I don’t have a family of my own to take care of (yet). This is my wake up call to begin a new lifestyle where I’ll understand when to say “no” and learn how to better balance my life with others. While it will take time for these adjustments to come into play and I’m sure it’ll be filled with frustration and anxiety, I am excited to unlearn all these habits of mine and grow for the better–and this will be best for all.

How do you count your blessings?


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