day o n e

Welcome to my new blog everyone! I only say that because in the last six years I have attempted to start blogging but with numerous attempts–and failures–I had realized it was a lot more challenging to keep it up.

I had always loved documenting, writing and reading other people’s blogs and the more I thought about why it never worked for me, the more I recognized my own impatience. What was my goal in maintaining a blog? Was there an end goal? And that was it: there was no finish line at the end of the whole thing; no pay bonus or gold medal, not even a trophy! I have subconsciously become such a do-er that I’ve failed to appreciate the simplicity of the blog being an outlet of some sorts.

So because I’ve spent many, many years perfecting my life and running through life marked with milestones. I found myself filling my agenda with as many meetings and appointments as possible. That was, until April 30, 2017.

On April 30th, I suffered a severe migraine that left half my face numb. For a week, the pins and needles spread down my arm and it stayed. I suffered one more migraine a week after which left the left side of my face entirely numb with it being numb in my mouth and tongue as well. It has affected my walking, gross motor skills and my energy levels. It was then I realized that I have been living a life where I’ve forgotten to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life. Doctors say it’s a mystery and I’m left to heal in between neurology appointments.

So, I decided to start a new blog. Join me in the documentation of my personal journey in learning, healing and living of this mysterious life.


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